Consignment Info

Are you an herbal grower in Maine/New England with plenty to share, but lack the access or infrastructure to connect with those that would use your beautiful plants for beautiful creations?

We'd love to meet you!

Herbal consignment policy:

  • Plants that offer to share themselves in your life are loved, tended, and dried by you.
  • The first time you consign with us, we will come to you to pick up your dried plant material. You can get them ready in paper or parchment bags for us - we will store them in glass jars in our certified facility. We will want to get to know you and ask you questions, including if you are comfortable being featured in our website/marketing materials :)
  • We store, package, market, sell, & ship your dried herbs for a 30% consignment fee (don't worry, we'll keep on loving them too). 
  • Prices are set based on standard market value. If your herbs sell at a promotional price, our 30% will be calculated from the full price item.
  • Payouts available monthly or at sellout, as you prefer.
  • If your beloved plants do not sell within 9 months, we return them to you.
  • You get a discount code to use in our herbal shop.
  • We are not taking tinctures or other preparations at this time - the tinctures in our shop were prepared under state license in our facility.

Contact us to get started!

Here is a downloadable PDF of our consignment agreement.