Work Trade

**Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2020 season! Applications for 2021 Work Trade are now open and placements will begin in April.**

We love having guest gardeners who want to get to know the plants! Please read this entire page of information and apply as directed below.

In addition to experience in biodynamic/organic methods, mini-lessons in the field from our experienced herbalists, and time to get to know the plants directly, for each work session we offer seedlings (early season) or self-harvest fresh herbs from the farm (mid- & late season). We will also offer a selection of dried herbs and products from Infusion Herb Company throughout the year. 

Tasks & Accessibility:
Early: transplanting seedlings into pots or beds
Mid-late: harvesting, processing dried plants
Throughout: CULTIVATING!
Cultivating is very important work - we see it as keeping our agreement with plants we've raised by removing the competition. Some call this 'weeding' - we do not see any plant as a weed and strive to find an honorable use for each one, whether it is to move to a more suitable growing location or to add organic matter to our compost. 
Most tasks will require the ability to grasp hand tools and sit, kneel, or squat down close to the ground, as well as reaching out into the garden beds from a low position or bending over plants that are anywhere between a few inches to several feet tall. Access to the field is mostly flat grass lawn with some gentle slopes.

Option A - From Planting to Root Digging - May-Oct:
2 hours each week on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning, 9:30-11:30am, May-October. For this commitment, you may miss up to 3 times (planned) and up to 4 times (unplanned).

Option B - High Season - July-Sep:
2 hours each week on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, 9:30 am - 11:30 am, for July-September. For this commitment, you may miss 2 times (planned) and up to 3 times (unplanned). 

Option C - Stand by:
At certain times during the season, for example when the milky oats are ready to harvest, we need even more loving hands! Schedule varies.

If the farm has to cancel a work day due to inclement weather or other reasons, it does not count against your missed weeks, and you do not earn a trade for it.

Pandemic Safety:
We take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and strive to maintain a safe space for all. We limit the number of workers who are here simultaneously. A mask/face covering is not required out in the field as we are able to maintain quite a bit of distance, however we do require masks inside the apothecary (max 2 people at a time) as well as whenever anyone is around who is not comfortable without them. We facilitate checking in with everyone as well as arranging work in the field so that all feel safe.

Work-traders bring their own supplies: gardening tools (hand tools work well), a bucket, something to kneel on, natural sunscreen, natural bug spray, and something to harvest with and into (a basket or paper bag, clippers/shears). Please let us know if acquiring these things will be a hardship and we will do our best to find a fitting solution.

There is a drinking water bubbler in the apothecary, but no bathroom facilities are currently being offered.

To Apply:
Send a message of interest to < melody (at) > with the subject Work Trade Application. Include your pronouns, some details about your experience with plants, what experience you're hoping to gain, and which of the above schedule Options would work for you. Please also indicate any accommodations you may seek as well as your level of comfort with the above Pandemic Safety considerations.