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2020 Bulk Dried Herb Pre-Order

2020 Bulk Dried Herb Pre-Order

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All pre-orders are in 1/2 Lb (8oz) increments. Be sure to select Certified Organic or Non-Certified (we will always offer organically-grown herbs!).


Looking for fresh roots?

**You will not receive any herbs at this time as they have not been grown yet. We will contact you when they are ready!

Sources: Orders will be filled on a first come/first served basis, and since we have several partner farms growing for us, we cannot offer the choice of which farm your herbs will come from for pre-orders. We may combine from several farms to fill your order, but we are strict about keeping certified herbs apart from non-certified.

Pricing: See full price list below. 50% is paid up front. This is not a discount - the other 50% will be collected when your order is filled.

Logistics:  PLEASE SELECT ‘LOCAL PICKUP’ AS A SHIPPING OPTION so that no shipping costs are incurred yet. If you would like your order shipped once it becomes available, we will make arrangements at that time.

*Note: If you do not see what you're looking for, drop us a note! We may be able to plan for your request.

 PRICE LIST ~ 1/2 of this paid up front ~ (Downloadable PDF Here)
Arnica  $75.00   $57.00 
Ashwagandha   $12.00   $9.00 
Bee Balm   $125.00   $95.00 
Blessed Thistle  $10.00   $7.60 
Blue Vervain  $11.50   $8.70 
Bo He (Chinese Mint)   $10.00   n/a
Calendula   $20.00   $15.20 
Chamomile   $40.50   $30.50 
Comfrey Leaf   $12.00   $9.00 
Comfrey Root   $10.00   $7.60 
Dandelion Root  $15.00   $11.40 
Elecampane Root  $10.00   $7.60 
Lavender   $17.50   $13.30 
Lemon Balm   $12.50   $9.50 
Marshmallow Leaf   $13.00   $10.00 
Marshmallow Root  $10.00   $7.60 
Milky Oat Tops   $14.50   $11.00 
Meadowsweet   n/a  $10.00 
Mint (Spearmint and/or Peppermint)   $11.00   $8.30 
Motherwort   $13.00   $10.00 
Mullein Leaf   $9.00   $6.80 
Mullein Flower   $15.00   $11.40 
Multiflora Rose   n/a  $7.60 
Nettles   $12.00   $9.00 
Oatstraw   $12.00   $9.50 
Plantain   $15.00   $11.40 
Red Clover  $25.50   $19.30 
Skullcap (S. lateriflora)   $20.00   $15.20 
Tulsi   $10.00   $7.60 
Valerian  $18.00   $13.60 
Yarrow  $13.00   $10.00